Revoking agency invitations and changing agent/agency invitation status

How to revoke agency invitation?

Click the Send to agencies icon again for the relevant vacancy:

* Check the box next to the agents you wish to revoke the invitation for or the Select all box at the top, then select Update status from the bulk action list and click Go

* Select the status you wish to change the agent invite status to:

- Agency invite – select this option if you originally only invited a specific agent (Selected Agent Invitation) and want to change this to a Full Agency Invitation (any agent at that agency will be authorised)

- Agent invite – select this option if you originally sent a Full Agency Invitation and want to change this to only authorise specific agents (Selected Agent Invitation)

- Revoke Agency – select this option to revoke an invite for the selected agent and any other agents at their agency (means they will no longer be able to forward candidates)

- Revoke Agent – select this option if you wish to revoke the invite only for the agents you have selected

* If you select one of the Revoke options, you will be prompted to select the reason why you are revoking the invitation (for reporting purposes). If no list of revoke reasons is visible or you wish to add to the existing list, please contact Advorto Support.

* Click Update to change the status without sending any emails or click Update & Email to update the status and then pick or compose an email to send to the selected agents

* Send any required emails as usual

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