Agency folder bar

What is an agency folder bar?

The folders indicate the statuses which agencies/agents may be set to. These are standard system statuses. The available standard system statuses are as follows:

* Active – Agencies/Agents who are active and may be invited to vacancies

* Banned – Agencies/Agents who have been banned from submitting candidates to any vacancies

* Deleted – Agencies/Agents which have been deleted for some reason, e.g. if created in error

Using agency folder bar

* You can hide the folder bar if you wish by clicking the vertical < bar to the right of the folder list

* You can collapse each section of the folder bar (e.g. Workflow, Views, etc.) by clicking the section heading

* Click a status folder to view the agencies/agents set to the selected status

* The numbers next to each folder tell you how many agencies/agents are in each folder.

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