Adding a new agency and editing existing agencies

How to add a new and edit existing agency?

* Click Add New Agency in the Agency tab sub-navigation

* Complete the Agency registration form

* Enter the email domain, e.g. if the agents’ email addresses are in the format, you should enter just as the email domain

* Optionally enter any notes about the agency (e.g. agreed terms or a reference to the terms in your own document management system) and/or upload the Ts & Cs doc for that agency

* Tick approved

* Set a relevant status (suggest using the Approved status, unless you are operating a tiered agency PSL, in which case you may choose to allocate agencies to Tier 1 (PSL T1) or Tier 2 (PSL T2)

* If you wish, you may configure the account locking functionality for each agency

* Finally, you may optionally add some information about agreed rates, e.g. Rate 10% for IT contractors, etc.

* Click Save to save the agency details or Cancel to cancel

To edit the details for an existing agency, click the Edit icon for the agency you want to edit in the list of agencies in the datagrid (make sure you have selected Agencies, not Agents). Amend the existing information as indicated above.

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