Inviting agents to submit candidates for a vacancy or inviting more agencies to vacancies

How to invite agents to submit candidates?

* Go to the Vacancies tab

* Click the Send to agencies icon to invite agencies to apply for the vacancy you wish to invite (new) agents to

* Click Invite (new) agencies

* Select the Agencies you want to invite by checking the box next to each agency name and click Next

* A list of all the agents who are configured to as Can Receive Emails for the selected agencies will be displayed

* Check the box next to the agents you want to invite to the vacancy

* Select the invitation type from the drop-down list:

- Full Agency Invitation – any agent at the selected agent’s agency will be able to forward candidates

- Selected Agent Invitation - only the individual agents you have selected will be able to forward candidates

* Click Save Invitation Status to save the invite

* At this point, agents will be able to view the vacancy in their Agency Portal and forward candidates. So for example, if you were carrying out this activity whilst on the phone to the agent, you may opt to stop at this point. However, if you want to send an invite email to the selected agents, continue below.

* Click Send Email To Selected Agents to send an email to the agents you’ve invited

* The email template pop-up page will open

* Select the standard agency invite email template from the Template drop-down list. If this template is not available, please contact Advorto Support.

* Make any changes you deem are necessary to the content of the email, including adding additional merge fields if required. Take care to ensure you don’t accidentally delete or change the link to the Agency Portal within the body of the email.

* Add any email attachments which may be required (either existing docs from the system or ad hoc docs uploaded from your PC)

* Click Preview to preview your email (shows the email with the first agent’s data merged in)

* Click Send to send the invites.

Inviting specific individuals v. inviting agencies

Agencies must be explicitly invited to specific vacancies in order to be able to forward candidates. It’s possible to open up vacancies to either specific individuals within agencies (Selected Agent Invitation or Agent invitation) or to anyone at a particular agency (Full Agency Invitation or Agency invitation).

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