Links in emails don’t work (e.g. to complete full application, do online tests, choose slot, etc.)

How to troubleshoot problems with links in emails?

* This is likely to be because either the link is wrong or the candidate’s email client has corrupted the original link somehow

* First go to the candidate’s audit trail and confirm that the link is correct, so we can confirm there is not a problem with the template:

- Go to the Candidates tab and search for the candidate

- Click the audit icon for the candidate

- Click the View link for the email the candidate is having problems with

- Right-click on the link in the email and choose Open link in new window

- Confirm the link works and contact Advorto Support if it doesn’t

* If the link works fine in the audit trail:

- Advise the candidate to just go to the careers section of your website and login to their account using the email and password they provided when they registered as the relevant links will also available there.

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    Linda Jay

    This link is not working

    Sheena Havlin
    Marie Curie
    Care and support through terminal illness
    T: 02882 249888
    M: 07747776440

    29G Gortrush Industrial Estate
    Omagh, Co Tyrone
    N Ireland BT79 7SN
    Please consider the environment before printing.

    From: []
    Sent: 16 October 2015 17:00
    To: Sheena Havlin
    Subject: Action required: Your vacancy requisition has been challenged - Fundraising Group Member (ref: 10184)

    The following requisition has been challenged by Linda Jay

    Ref: 10184

    Title: Fundraising Group Member

    Reason for challenge:

    please confirm in the notes the area of the group

    Please click on the link below and make the appropriate changes and re-submit.

    Recruitment Portal

    Linda Jay

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