Advorto Analytics - Overview

Once you are logged in you can immediately start creating a report or view an existing report by selecting it from the list of reports.

1 – Date the reporting database was last updated

2 – Preference list – This list displays all the preferences available to the user logged in to the system (defined in the backoffice).  Preferences can be used to limit the reports in the same way users have limited views of vacancies and candidates in the backoffice

3 – Promoted reports – This list shows reports that are available for every user to run.  Once reports have been created users can choose to make their report ‘Promoted’.

4 – User report – This list shows reports that you have created.  No other users have access to run these reports.

5 – Report Type – The type of report can be Raw data, Pivot or Pipeline.

6 – Field selection – In this section you select the fields to be included in you report

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