4.5.38 - Recruit release notes - Roll-out Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

The elves have been busy for this one and we've got all sorts of virtual stocking fillers for everyone. However, the main focus of this release is to harmonise our and improve our interview scheduling functionality. Currently, we have two different ways to do this:

  • Self-scheduling, where users set up slots in advance for candidates to book themselves into, with candidates automatically receiving the confirmation comms when they select a slot
  • Manual scheduling, where users enter the details of the interview on an agreed date and time on a pop-up page and then click a button to send the confirmation comms

This has historically meant having two different sets of email templates with different sets of merge fields and two completely different ways of doing things. Configuration was complicated to deal with the two different styles, as well as requiring multiple views and reports with different columns to see the different interview details fields for the two methods.

This release introduces the following key functionality to make this all a lot better and simpler (caveat: once configured for your system - see below):

  • Manual scheduling will look and work much the same as it did before, but will now automatically add the candidate to the relevant interview series, add a slot for the date/time entered and allocate the candidate to the newly added slot
  • The new functionality also means that Hiring Managers may also now add slots to the interview scheduler via the User portal
  • As all interviews will be in the interview scheduler (Assessments tab), Backoffice users may take advantage of the calendar view mode and will now see all interviews, whereas previously this could be used for self-scheduling only
  • Only one set of merge fields is now required for all interview scheduling activities - less email templates to worry about and far simpler for super users to manage
  • Processes may now be configured to perform all the relevant actions when adding candidates to slots, removing them from slots or editing slots (rescheduling) to automatically update candidates about their new interview details
  • Interview panel functionality - multiple interviewers may now be assigned to a slot
  • The comms system now supports sending emails/calendar invites to users allocated to slots (emails to interviewers)
  • The slot booking window (the period from/to during which available slots are visible to candidates) for self-scheduling may now be configured on a per-series basis, whereas previously this was the same for all series
  • New time selector control for entering interview times
  • New candidate direct login link for booking interview slots - quicker and easier for candidates to select slots, including agency candidates who don't have their own account


Screenshot 1 - new manual interview scheduling

When can I have it?
Clients currently using manual scheduling will need to be transitioned to the new functionality over time, as in most cases there will be in-flight and historical candidates who will have had manual interviews arranged in the old way. Your account manager will be in touch to discuss migration to the new mechanism over the coming months.

Read on for for the full sleigh-load...


New "Candidates" vacancy action
A new "Candidates" function has been added to the standard action menu for Vacancies to allow users to easily click through to a list showing all candidates for a particular vacancy. Right click on a vacancy or click the action menu icon to see the new option (see below screenshot).

This function is also available from the Vacancy Timeline page in the actions menu on the left, in addition to the existing links to folders with active candidates.


Data import now confirm the import file is a CSV
The candidate import function has been enhanced to now check that an uploaded import file is of the required comma separated value file type (.csv).

Agency name is now a searchable field on Agents list page
Agency name is now a field searchable by the global search on the Agents list page.

Name of list now displayed when editing a list items in self-service
When performing self-service changes to any list-based fields, the name of the list currently being edited will now be displayed when adding, editing or removing options for that list. This will help to make it clearer to users what is being edited and reduce the chance of changes being made to the wrong list.

This change applies to both the following areas:

  • Classifier lists (options for requisition or vacancy list-based fields)
  • Application form lists (options for list-based fields on any forms with candidate data)

Correction to Timeline filter by quarter option
Update to the Timeline filter by this/last quarter options to filter more in line with user expectations.

Various improvements to the handling of Word mail merge doc errors
Various previously unhandled errors will now result in an "Unable to merge document" validation message to be displayed, rather than a full-screen error.

Visibility of all failed comms for super users and more relevant error messages
Super users may now see the link to view a list of all failed comms from all users, even when they have no failed comms themselves. Previously the link to view all was only available where the user also had their own failed comms.

In addition to this, the error message displayed for failed comms has been updated to cater for invalid sender addresses as well as invalid recipient addresses. Previously the term "recipient" was displayed even for invalid From addresses.

Last selected view now used after doing a search
When you do a search from a Tab homepage tile search box, your last selected view will now still be selected. Previously the system displayed the default view.

Change to ordering of list items in talent pool search
Update to the ordering direction for talent pool search radio button lists and check box lists on search forms so the order will always be as expected for users.

Improved reliability of data import/export/update tasks
The change in a previous release to reduce the time between a larger export, import or update task being queued to actually starting caused some unexpected consequences under certain circumstances. The results of this issue included behaviour such as users not being redirect to the "we'll email you when complete" page or the display of incorrect numbers for the successes, compared to the number of records in the original file. This release addresses these issues.

Enhancement to emails sent when import/export/update tasks complete
Minor updates have been made to the wording of notifications sent when candidate export, import and update tasks complete. Previously, the text was fixed to mention "import", even though the task could be an export or an update, which was confusing for some users.

Direct login link for selecting interview slots
A direct login link for booking interview slots is now available. This means that both candidates and agents may book slots without logging in first. Add to comms templates by adding the {!FrontEndLogin.Interviews} merge field.

This is of particular interest where systems are configured to send comms to the candidate for agency candidates, rather than the agent (note that the agent is always automatically CCed with this configuration). Previously there was no way for agency candidates to book their own slots, as they were unable to login.

Improvement to timeline entries related to emails to Users
Timeline entries associated with emails which aren't sent to candidates will now display the correct User or Contact context. Previously the wording suggested that all emails had been sent to candidates.

Guidance text added to slot creation page
Guidance text has been added to the current add slot page to make it clearer that users may edit any of the times and gaps for the automatically suggested slots.

New manual interview scheduling functionality
This release brings consistency to the two different ways that interviews are currently managed (manual scheduling and self-scheduling). Currently the two different methods require two sets of email templates, two sets of different merge fields, etc.

We are now bringing manual interview scheduling into the interview scheduler as well, so this will greatly simplify both system use and configuration.

The change involves replacing the current manual interview scheduling fields with a standard control, which allows users to add a new slot to the scheduler and assign and confirm the current candidate to it all at the same time. This includes the ability for Hiring Managers to do this from the User portal.

From a user perspective, once updated, the functionality will appear to be almost identical to the existing manual scheduling mechanism, only the slots will be added to the interview scheduler and available in the standard calendar views, etc. It will therefore become possible to manage all interviews from the same place and in the same way.

See the first screenshot in this article above and below for the view of the same page once the page is saved and a candidate is allocated to the slot.


Multiple interviewers now supported on assessment slots
Multiple interviewers may now be assigned to a single interview slot. This includes both when using the new manual scheduling functionality and on the existing slot creation page.

New validation to check interview start time is before end time
When using the new manual scheduling functionality, the two time fields are validated to ensure that users don't accidentally enter an interview end time which is before the start time.

Custom slot window configuration for each interview series
It is now possible to configure different slot windows for each interview series. This is the period of time from x to y days in the future which candidates can see available slots when they login to book their interview.

Different slot selected, removed and edited processes per series now supported
If required, it is now possible to configure different processes to run when slots are selected, removed or edited on each interview series.

New comms types to send to interviewer or interviewee based on series
A new comms type has been added to support sending of comms to interviewers and interviewees assigned to interview slots in the interview scheduler.

Improvements to date picker and time picker styles
Improvements have been made to the styling of date and time picker controls. These are now consistent in style across the different parts of the system where these controls are used.

Print button added to timeline pages
A print icon has been added to all Timeline pages to make it clearer to users that these may be printed or PDFed when required or requested, e.g. by candidates in line with their rights to have visibility of their data under GDPR.

Editing application form responses now supported on one-shot forms
The Edit application form link on the Edit page will now also allow one-shot forms to be edited, where the entire form is on the Vacancy Eligibility page.


Virus checker updated to deal with the web service being offline
An enhancement has been made to the file upload process to cater for the rare cases in which the virus checker service may not be available.

Campaign module updates
The Campaign module (used for tracking the original source of people applying to vacancies) currently unnecessarily stores data indefinitely, in addition to the data stored and captured for reporting purposes in the Backoffice. The Campaign module database will now be optimised to store only the last three months' data.

Standard time selector function for Single line text box controls
A new time selector field type is now available to use anywhere a time needs to be entered and this will be used as standard on the new manual interview slot creation page.


Note for Partners: This may be configured for any Single line text box control by setting the Type to be "Time".

New theme with banner/hero or background images now available for all portals
The new theme we introduced earlier in the year for the Candidate portal is now available for use in all portals (Internal candidate portal, User portal and Agency portal).

The screenshots below show the User portal and Agency portal with the New theme in banner mode. Default banner images will be displayed or clients may add up to three of their own banners.



Change to Kallidus agency portal brand form navigation
The form navigation in the Kallidus standard Agency portal brand has been moved to the side as vertical navigation, as the horizontal navigation did not work once there were more than a few form pages.

Improvements to standard error pages
Improvements have been made to standard error pages. These are now consistent in style and, where users are redirected to a default page, this now happens with a delay to make it clearer what has actually happened and to allow users time to read the actual message.

Finally, where pages no longer exist at all, e.g. because an old invalid link has been stored by a search engine or job board, etc., a specific message will be displayed explaining that the page no longer exists prior to redirecting the user.

System Builder

Warning on partner login
In order to help minimise unnecessary out-of-hours urgent support requests, a warning message will now be displayed in System Builder to partners, indicating that out-of-hours deployments to Live systems are at their own risk.

Check whether a sub-item is in use when include is unticked
An enhancement has been made to System Builder to help prevent people from disabling fields that are in use in some places (unchecking sub-items in Structures > Candidate/Person sub-items). This change will also mean that people responsible for configuration will be notified about other related configuration when intentionally performing configuration changes in this area, so this may be removed prior to disabling a field.

Form section now include links to allow eligibility pages to be edited
Previously editing the Eligibility pages was carried out in a different area of the system to other form pages. This is now all possible from the same place.

Pre-flight check for automated processes with emails configured using invalid identity
Use of default identities in emails is not valid configuration for automated processes, as these emails are not sent by a user. The system will now display a warning message should this be accidentally configured to allow the problem to be resolved.

Use of system merge fields on internal application form
An issue has been addressed related to the use of system merge fields on the internal application form.

Top level link corrected in breadcrumb navigation options on form edit pages
The top-level breadcrumb trail links in System Builder will now always link to the top level. Previously, under some circumstances, these were just navigating back up one level, rather than linking to the top level.

Save button on Form builder pages now always on screen
The Save button on System Builder pages will now always be visible on screen, so it will no longer be necessary to scroll to the bottom of the screen to Save every time.

Also, as a reminder, note that Ctrl+S also works in most places in System Builder now to save a page - check for the green tick icon appearing in the bottom right to indicate that the page has saved to be sure.

Notes to partners and configuration team

Configuration of the Assessment scheduler module has changed
The Modules > Candidate > Assessments page has been simplified and improved, with some functionality moving to the series (Backoffice > Structures > Interview Series). New functionality on the series includes:

  • Days in future slot visibility window from - the start of the slot visibility window. Leaving this field blank or entering 0, will mean that candidates will be able to see slots, even if they are only an hour in the future

    N.B. This field is also used to control the slot locking functionality, e.g. if set to 2, candidates will not be allowed to change their own slots once their interview is less than 2 days away.

  • Days in future slot visibility window to - the end of the slot visibility window. Leaving this field blank or entering 0, will mean that candidates will be able to see all available slots, regardless of how far in the future they may be
  • Candidate assigned to slot process - this is the process which is run whenever a candidate is assigned to a slot, either due to them picking their own slot, them being added to a slot by a recruiter in the Backoffice or by a user using the new manual scheduling functionality
  • Candidate removed from slot process - this is the process which is run whenever a candidate is removed from a slot, either due to them removing themselves or due to being removed by a recruiter in the Backoffice
  • Slot edited process - this is the process which is run whenever the details of a slot with one or more candidates in is edited, either by a recruiter in the Backoffice or by any User using the new reschedule functionality

As part of the deployment of the release, the standard Slot selected and Slot removed processes will be assigned, as per what is currently selected in the general Assessments module configuration.

New Interview Scheduler control for use on pop-up pages
A new control is available in the left menu for adding to pop-up form pages where manual interview scheduling is required. Edition templates will be updated to use this as standard. The text used for all field labels, headings and validation may be edited on this page, including adding translations where required.

The new control displays in read-only mode once the candidate is scheduled to a slot and in Edit mode when originally creating the slot or rescheduling.

Configuration of new email types
There are two new email types:

  • To person about candidate interview - use for all emails and calendar invites to candidates or agents where you want to use interview scheduler-related merge fields
  • To interviewers about candidate interview - use for all emails and calendar invites to interviewers assigned to slots

Ensure you use the {!InterviewSlot.xxxxx} merge fields in these emails.

Configuration of new interview process actions
Processes associated with confirming interviews may now be greatly simplified, as you now only need to worry about one set of email templates. Use the following new process actions to send emails related to interviews to candidates, agents and interviewers:

  • Send email to person about interview - use this for workflow steps which send emails or calendar invites to candidates or agents
  • Send email to interviewer - use this for workflow steps which send emails to interviewers allocated to the slot the candidate is assigned to

In both cases, you will also be required to also select the series that the email or calendar invite relates to.



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