How do I export, print or PDF a candidate's timeline or audit trail

If you need to provide a copy of a candidate's timeline to anyone for any reason, e.g. if a candidate requests it, you can simply print the relevant Timeline page from your browser and save these as PDFs.

  • Step 1 - Click through to the relevant candidate's timeline
  • Step 2 - Ensure the "Filter by type" and "Filter by date" settings are set to "All" and then click the "Expand all" button to expand all timeline entries
  • Step 3 - click the "Print" option in your browser's menu or right click on the page and choose the "Print" option
  • Step 4 - most browsers/PCs offer an option to "Save as PDF" at this stage

Note that for an end of life system, we are also able to do this in bulk as part of a final export before deleting a system, so clients can have an offline record of the full history for all candidates.

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