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Blink and you'll miss it... Whilst we're still cooking up a Christmas special for the next major release, we're got the team playing Whac-A-Mole with a few more issues that have been reported by clients recently. Oh no! It's only November and we've just let the "C" word out of the bag!


Global documents management visible to non-super users
Only super users should be permitted to administer global documents in the system. The Documents page within the Settings section has therefore been updated to allow users who are not super users to only be able to make changes to personal documents.

Some minor style changes have also been made to this page to make it consistent with other comms template editing pages.

Email content on Timeline pages now visible in Firefox
An issue has been addressed related to the Firefox web browser, where the email preview visible when clicking the "More" links for email entries in Timelines was being cleared as soon as it was opened. This now no longer happens.

Improvement to reliability of self-service when using default identities on templates
Selecting default identities on comms templates via self-service was found to cause an issue when committing changes under certain circumstances. We now expect this issue to be resolved.

Global identities may now be used in personal comms templates
Previously, although it appeared as though use of global identities on personal comms templates was supported, it wasn't. The identity could be selected, but would not be saved. This release now introduces full support for use of global identities on personal templates.

Comments in Vacancy timelines
A change in the previous point release had an unexpected impact on the new vacancy comments functionality. This has now been rectified, so comments may now be made against vacancies as intended.

Your changes log now includes changes made to documents
The "Your changes" audit of changes made via self-service within the Settings section previously did not include changes related to documents. It now does.

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