Follow - Recruit release notes - Roll-out early November 2017

Just keepin' the goodness rollin' with a few quick fixes for recently reported issues and a couple of new features. Here's the appetiser:

  • Comms may now be sent from users' own email addresses, where the email is in a process triggered by a logged in user by setting a template to send from user default identities
  • Partners can now copy an entire application form to use as a starting point for creating a new form
  • New temporary message automatically displayed to candidates/users who may be using the system whilst a system publish is happening - this is to improve both their experience and the reliability of system publishes
  • Comment subjects now displayed in comments Timeline entries
  • Timelines may be filtered to show comments only, as per the former view of comments on the pop-up

Read on for the gin n' juice...


Use of user default identities in email templates sent by processes
An issue related to the use of user default identities on comms templates has been addressed. The correct default identity will also now be used where an email is triggered from a process button on a pop-up or where a process is run as a candidate single or bulk process action.

In addition, where a comms template is set to be sent from a user's default identity, it is now also possible to change this to be a different identity when sending the email manually.

Updates to Timelines related to comments entries
Comments added from the "Add comment" pop-up page currently include a subject line. This field is due to be deprecated at some point to be consistent with the comments box on the Timeline pages themselves. However, some clients may have been making comments on candidates using the subject line only, rather than the actual comment body. Until the subject field is removed and the data migrated, Timeline pages will therefore now show the subject line as well.

In addition, it is now possible to filter Timelines by "Comments only" and filtering by "Comms only" will no longer include comments entries.

View activity longer than a week ago in user timelines
User timelines now allow users to change the date filter to options other than "This week".

URLs too long for some bulk actions
This release addresses an issue related to bulk candidate actions where some actions were failing with a large number of candidates selected, due to the URL being too long.

Security enhancements
Addressed a possible security issue that was highlighted in our latest penetration test.

Candidate portal

Update to job alert matches list for internal candidates
An issue has been addressed where vacancies which were only advertised internally were not appearing in internal users' job alerts match list, even though alerts were being sent related to these vacancies.

"We'll be back soon" message displayed when a system is publishing
In order to improve the reliability of system publishes and the user experience of candidates and users who may be using the system whilst a system publish is happening, a "We'll be back soon" message will now be displayed whilst the publish is completing, which usually completes in under a minute.

Users will be redirected back to where they were once the publish has completed.

System Builder

Copy form feature
This new feature allows an entire form to by copied to create a new form. This function will be extremely useful for partners where clients require a form for some vacancies which is very similar to an existing form, but where some pages are not required or there are enough differences to make configuration of the required show/hide logic on the same form a little complicated.

Don't forget to add a new classifier item for a new form you create to the relevant "Form selection" vacancy/requisition classifier and to assign the new option to the new form in the "Classifier selection" menu on Custom pages > Forms.

Improvement to reliability of system publishing
An update has been made to lock the front end of the system whilst a publish is completing. This is expected to reduce the occurrence of certain types of publishing issues, where publishes either fail or don't complete as expected. A new message will be displayed to candidates and users on front end pages (application forms and Backoffice/User portal pop-ups) whilst a publish is completing.

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