4.5.37 - Recruit release notes - Roll-out end October 2017

As well as zapping a few gremlins, we've focused on timelines and consistency in some areas for this release. The main changes to be aware of or that folks might get mildly excited about are as follows:

  • "Journal entry" functions have been renamed as "Comments" across the system
  • "Letter" functions have been renamed as "Word merge document" across the system
  • Comments may now be added to almost everything, including People, Vacancies, Requisitions, Users and Agents. Person comments may be particularly useful to record things like when a call has been made to someone in the Talent pool about a vacancy. Vacancy comments is also likely to be very useful for a large number of clients to record various vacancy-related activities.
  • Comms may now be previewed in all timelines, including viewing attachments
  • Faster candidate imports - the delay between a candidate import being added to the queue and progressing has been greatly reduced
  • Removed a large number of non-English search stop words, which were preventing results from returning for some search terms, e.g. the name "Sean" or the word "Audit"


Candidate Journal entries functionality renamed as Comments
All references to "Journal entry" have been changed to be "Comment" instead. This brings consistency to the Timeline "Add comment" function and the same function that is available within the candidate bulk and single action menus. The changes include corresponding updates to the associated Settings pages.


Comments for unsubmitted candidates now supported
Comments may now be added to unsubmitted candidates.

Previous Candidate comments now only shown on Timeline page
Previous journal entries used to be also visible when adding new ones. As part of the harmonisation of comments across the system, historical comments may now only be viewed on the Timeline page and the "Add comment" pop-up page is now dedicated to adding a new comment only, as per other comms-related pop-up pages, such as sending emails and SMS.

Comments functionality now available for People, Vacancies, Requisitions, Agents and Users
The comments functionality was formerly restricted to only Candidate comments (formerly journal entries). This is now available on more Timeline pages, including adding comments to People, Vacancies, Requisitions, Agents and Users.


Full detail of emails/SMS sent and comments made now accessible from all timeline pages
Timeline entries related to comms (emails, SMS, comments) may now be expanded in all timelines. Click the "More" links to expand the full detail of any email or SMS sent.

View full detail of comms in all Timelines
All timelines which feature comms now include a "More" link allowing the full message sent to be viewed within the timeline. Previously this function was only available in Candidate timelines.

Viewing email attachments in Timeline email previews
Email attachments are now visible and downloadable from all email previews on all timeline pages.

There is one exception - Action attachments, such as the candidate's application form printable view, are not visible for an email which has been triggered, but has not yet been merged and sent by the system. i.e. They may not be viewed whilst the email "Stop" button is still appearing.

Interview scheduler activity now available in User timelines
All interview scheduler-related events (Assessments tab) performed by a user are now included in User timelines. A new filter option is also included to allow the timeline to be filtered to only show these events. This includes adding slots, editing slots, inviting candidates to a series, allocating them to and removing them from slots as well as slot confirmations.

Various other improvements to Timeline pages
Timeline pages have been re-engineered to be more consistent across the system and with improved, more user-friendly phrasing for timeline entries. More user links have been included to make is easier to see who did what and to click through to the User timeline.

"Candidate updated" entries have also been improved to give more information about who or what caused the update or which page the update related to, which will help users to understand what has happened better.

Letter function renamed as Word mail merge
The Word mail merge functionality is not just used for creating letters and is commonly used more for various email attachments and for forms, contracts, etc. This has now been renamed as "Word merge document", rather than "Letter". The changes include corresponding updates to the associated Settings pages.


Unsubmitted applications link in Person timelines
The "Unsubmitted" link on the Person timeline page will now correctly link to the unsubmitted applications for the selected person.

Addressed an issue where watermark text could interfere with form validation
An issue has been addressed where fields with watermark text could prevent a Backoffice pop-up form validating properly after a post-back had occurred.

Updating documents post-submission now updates the search index immediately
Post-submission updates (resubmits) will now update the search index immediately. This means, for example, that if a recruiter updates a candidate's CV, then any new search terms within the CV document will be immediately searchable once the new CV has been uploaded and the Documents page has been saved.

More documents may now be included in printable views
Documents which are added as part of a repeating list may now be included in printable views.

Mouse icon now changes to pointer when hovering over validation summary links
Cursor now changes to pointer when hovering over links in form validation summaries on Backoffice pop-up pages.

The validation summary is the warning message displayed at the top of the page when you try to submit a form, but haven't completed all the required fields or have entered information in an invalid format. The links for each issue bullet jump straight to the relevant place on the page where the problem is.

Deleted users now supported on Person timeline page event entries
An issue has been addressed where timeline entries on the Person timeline page related to a deleted user would cause the Person timeline page to error.

Enhancements to self-service email attachment functionality
Improvements have been made to email attachment functionality and document selection persistence in the drop-down lists when adding/editing email attachments.

New guidance text has also been added in situ to explain the different attachment types. This also indicates that a newly added global document needs to be fully committed prior to being able to attach it to an existing or new Personal email template.

Duplicate processes no longer listed when editing email templates
Where the same email template is used in multiple process steps within the same process, the warning message displayed when editing the email template no longer duplicates the process multiple times.

Faster candidate imports
When importing candidates to vacancies, the delay between a candidate import being logged in the queue and actually starting has been greatly reduced. In most cases, the import will now start immediately, whereas previously there would be up to a ten minute delay before a queued import would be processed.

Non-English language words removed from the search term "stop words" list
It has been identified that a number of non-English language words in the Microsoft standard search "stop words" list (words to ignore when searching) were actually preventing clients for searching for some valid names and search terms, e.g. the name "Sean" or the word "Audit".

All the non-English stop words have now been removed, leaving just the standard list of English words. This still isn't perfect, e.g. the word "it" is an English stop word, which is a stop word for good reason, but this prevents users from searching for "IT". We'll be looking for further improvements here in a future release, e.g. ignoring all stop words for some specific search types.

Improved support for automatically refreshing backoffice lists for clients with custom domains
For clients with custom vanity URLs for their candidate portal, browser security restrictions in some browsers prevent the list page from updating automatically as a result of a Backoffice pop-up form page submission. The team has found some ways to improve support for this, even where vanity URLs are used. Note that in Internet Explorer, this may require both the Backoffice URL and the Candidate portal URL to be added to your Trusted sites list.

And more...
Various other minor improvements and enhancements.

Candidate portal

Improved behaviour for top-up form direct login links where the form is already complete
Where a candidate has already completed a top-up form and clicks a "direct login" link within an email again, they will now be taken to the Login page with an appropriate message. This will inform them that they have already completed the required form and allow them to login anyway if they wish. Previously candidates would experience an error in this scenario, as the top-up form was no longer required.

System Builder

Links in Structures menu updated for Word merge documents and Comments templates
In order to be at least partially consistent with the changes to these terms in the Backoffice, the links in the Structures menu have been updated to align with the new terms used in the Backoffice. However, for the time being, the Journal template management page still uses the old terminology.

Images no longer selectable in Documents list when building printable views
Image uploads are no longer included in the list of documents when building printable views, as images need to be added directly to the printable view itself using an Image literal control, rather than as a document.

Legacy "Layout" option field removed from Image literal control
This option was no longer used for anything, so has been removed to avoid confusion.

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