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For most clients 36.1 went out at the same time as 36. This addressed an issue with User forgotten password emails. 36.2 is another minor point release which includes the updates listed below. Our technical team are very excited about their improvements to server memory usage, but for the rest of us, it's a pretty quiet one - just a few minor fixes/improvements here and there...


Memory usage improvement
The team identified a change which will dramatically improve the use of memory on the servers. This will have a positive impact on all system users.

Security enhancements
As usual - this release includes our latest security improvements. Specifically an update has been made related to visibility of our import/export web services.


Page look and feel shown when editing requisition templates
When editing existing templates via the Edit links visible on the Create template pop-up, the template edit form was previously displaying in the User portal look and feel. This has been updated to be consistent with other Backoffice pop-ups and now shows in the Backoffice look and feel.

System Builder

Use of images on Backoffice pop-up pages and printable views now fully supported
Images uploaded via the image upload control may now be displayed on other pages and printable views by adding an Image literal control. This includes use with or without field labels and use in a read-only repeater for multiple images, where the original image upload is used in a repeater control.

Large images will also be automatically scaled nicely to fit the width of the page and to support display on mobile devices.

Update to new control list selectors to allow a selection to be removed
The previous release introduced a new, clearer way to select fields when building systems, but once a field was selected, it was only possible to change it to something else, not to remove a selection fully. An x icon is now displayed next to the search/list look-up box for these fields, which will clear out the current selection entirely.


Resolved javascript error which was preventing some field titles from being displayed
The performance enhancement in the previous release introduced an issue on some pages, where some field titles could only be seen by expanding the full details for a particular element. This has been resolved.

Addressed some issues related to adding new forms in multi-form systems
Some minor issue were identified with a recent new system build related to adding additional forms. Firstly, system merge fields were not working correctly on secondary forms. Secondly, the form navigation was not appearing or behaving correctly for secondary forms. These issues have been resolved.

Vacancy open/close dates no longer selectable on requisition templates
It was previously possible to deploy invalid configuration as these fields could be selected on requisition templates, which would never make sense. It is no longer possible to do this.

Candidate portal

Minor refactor of apply tracking event
This change relates to tracking of clicks of the "Apply" button on a vacancy details page. Tracking events associated with this button have been refactored to bring this in line with how other click events are handled.

Resolved an issue related to registering interest in systems with inline registration
On systems with the candidate registration/login fields configured as part of another form page, an issue has been resolved which was preventing candidates from registering interest if they initially started to apply to a vacancy, but then changed their mind and tried to just register interest instead. 


API documentation updates
A few minor improvements have been made here, with the main one being that the API documentation now includes detailed response sample and schema information for each API call in the list.


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