How do I see a list of users in my system?

Viewing a list of users and user management is functionality is available to Super users only.

To see a list of users, go to Settings > User manager

Settings is a tile on the main homepage (see below) and always available from the top-right User pop-up menu (see above).


Once on the User management list page, you can select to view All, Active or Deleted users and/or click the filter options in the left menu to filter by User type.

IMPORTANT: Only users who are assigned the type Super or User are permitted to access the Backoffice. Users assigned the type Hiring Manager are only allowed access to the User (or Hiring Manager) portal.

Note that from release 4.5.36, coming in September 2017, User type will be checked on login to the Backoffice and any users who are not assigned one of the required types will no longer be permitted access.

Download your user list for review

If you wish to do a review of all your users, it may also be useful to export the user list to Excel. You may do this using the standard Download CSV function in the list action menu as shown below:

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