Follow - Advorto release notes - Roll-out early August 2017

This release primarily covers some key items that clients and partners have raised in feedback about the previous release.

The most important item is the first one which relates to users who want to filter a list and then want to click through to Timeline pages without losing their original search/filter settings - see Important user tip.

N.B. In case you're wondering how we've skipped to 35.3 here, 35.1 and 35.2 also happened during the roll-out phase to address a couple of key issues that were identified early on. These were picked up before the release was deployed to most clients, so the changes were incorporated in the original release notes.


Column search terms unintentionally duplicated after using browser Back button
The implementation of the new Timeline pages has highlighted an unexpected difference between web browser behaviour when clicking the browser Back button to return to a list page.

In attempting to resolve this issue, it was discovered that there is a known issue with WebKit-based browsers, Google Chrome, and Safari being the most common, where the browser tries to populate the previous search.

The browser itself (not the system) gets this wrong under certain circumstances. Users with sharp eyes may have noticed that search terms from one column end up being copied to a different column, which obviously results in confusing and unintended list filtering behaviour.

A change has therefore been made to make the system behaviour consistent with non-WebKit-based browsers, where column searches/filters are not recalled when clicking the browser Back button.

Important user tip: Use the standard browser function to open Timeline pages in new tabs or windows if you want to maintain your filter settings after clicking through to Timeline page from a filtered list. i.e. Either right click on Timeline links and chose the appropriate option (see below screenshot) or hold down Ctrl (new tab) or Shift (new window) when clicking them.

You can then just close down the new tabs/windows when you're done and return to your original tab/window which will still have your original filtered list.


Calendar view/Assessment scheduler enhancements
Some performance enhancements have been made to the interview slot list pages following feedback from users with extremely high slot volumes. This includes:

  1. A change to the new calendar view so the system will now only load the required data for the currently viewed time period
  2. Addressing an issue where the Advanced view was losing the number of rows selection and returning all data, rather than only the required number of rows when switching between the new calendar view and the other views

The "Select all" function has also been added to the new slots list page, in line with other list pages in the system. In conjunction with appropriate filtering, this now improves support for the copying or moving of large numbers of slots or a particular slot pattern to different days, weeks or months.

Searches no longer triggered unnecessarily
An issue has been resolved where a column search can trigger for a second time and cause the relevant list to refresh again after clicking out of a column search field after the original search had already completed.

Social sign-in links appeared on User and Agency Login/Register pages
Social sign-in functionality is now restricted to only the candidate portals. This was inadvertently made available in other portals with the initial roll-out.

Enabled document downloads from Candidate timeline pages
Addressed an issue on Candidate timeline pages, to allow historical mail merge documents to be downloaded in line with the functionality on the old candidate audit trails.

User portal

Self-registration re-enabled
An issue has been addressed with the User portal self-registration page so users may now self-register again in systems where this feature is enabled.

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