Can I import users in bulk?

Yes, this is possible. When first setting up a system, it is often useful to import an initial set of users. In particular, clients and partners should endeavour to ensure those requiring access to the Backoffice (e.g. Super users and Recruiters) and any approvers (for systems involving use of the Requisitions module) are in the system from the point of go live. Hiring Managers would normally be able to register themselves, so are of less concern.

The import format is variable and depends on each client's system configuration. Here's how it works:

  1. Download the attached bulk user import template (Excel .xlsx document)
  2. Update the columns as indicated to match with the client's system configuration by adding/renaming entries for the relevant additional custom identity fields, default folder(s), default preference(s), user role(s), security group(s), user classifier(s) and associated classifier items
  3. Arrange for the spreadsheet to be completed as required, placing an x in relevant columns to indicate which item should be selected for each area (or which item(s) in the case of classifiers)
  4. Send the completed spreadsheet to us to check and import


  • Take particular care to avoid any trailing/leading spaces, incorrect case of letters, missing items in column headings, etc.
  • Avoid using any HTML, e.g. in the Signature field, as the import does not currently support this
  • For the classifier items lists, we suggest copying and pasting the list of values out of the list for the relevant classifier within the self-service area of the system to ensure the values exactly match

For Partner/Advorto use only:

  • Save the Excel sheet as a tab-delimited text file
  • Open the file in notepad and remove any trailing additional blank lines at the bottom of the import list if present
  • Copy and paste the import file and import the users at /User/Import.aspx - test import first, then check the "Save" box to commit the import




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