How do I manage identities (the email address or phone number comms are sent from)?

What is an identity?

An identity is used to manage the email address that emails are sent from or the phone number or company name that an SMS is sent from. Identity fields are also available to use as merge fields in comms and mail merge documents, e.g. email signatures.

There are two kinds of identities:

  1. Personal identities - only available for the currently logged in user to select - the My details option in the list for the From field seen when sending emails/SMS
  2. Global identities - identities which are available for all system users to select when sending comms or creating letters

Where are identities used?

As mentioned above, identities are used as the From field when sending comms and the fields associated with identities may be used as merge fields in emails, SMS and letters.

Who can update identities?

Individual users may update their own personal identities via either the Backoffice or the User portal, simply by editing their account details. However, only super users may manage global identities.

How do I add, edit or delete a global identity?

This function is available to super users only. In the Backoffice go Settings > Manage identities:

  • Click Add identity to add a new global identity
  • Click Delete identity to delete an existing global identity
  • Click Edit identity to update an existing global identity
  • Save your change and don't forget to click the "Commit" button to commit your change when you're done
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