4.5.34 - Advorto release notes - Roll-out from end April 2017

This release is primarily focused on some "under the hood" changes and updates, but we've also looked at improving consistency and performance in some areas of the Backoffice at the same time. The real benefits of this update will be felt in further releases down the line as the changes open some new doors to allow some great features and updates to be implemented in the future. That said, there's definitely some great stuff you will notice in this release and some changes that you'll need to know about. Here's the highlights:

New look for the Backoffice login page
We've given the login page some attention, so welcome to your new login page - cranes 'n all (and no, unfortunately this isn't the view from our office):



Datagrid actions menu moved and column search/filter functionality improved
The datagrid actions functions used to be displayed to the left of the global search box towards the top-right of the screen as shown below:

These functions are now displayed in the left navigation at the top as shown in the screenshot below.


  •  Refresh - refreshes the datagrid and keeps any current searches/filters, etc.
  •  Reset - resets the datagrid and clears out any searches/filters, etc.
  •  Filter - new option allowing you to add/change column search and filter options, even when you can't see column headings, e.g. this means you can now filter data in the Simple and Map views as well (see screenshot above)
  •  View switcher - switch between Simple (tiles), Advanced (list) and Map view
  •  More - the existing Download CSV, Link for Excel and Filter Overview functions are now available behind this menu option

More places you can use a right mouse click
In addition to the above, you can now also use a right mouse click in the header rows of the Advanced list view to do the following:

  • Right click any column heading to access the Download CSV, Link for Excel and Filter Overview functions (same menu as the new More icon above):
  • Right click in the row below the column headings (where the column search boxes are) to add searches/filters to any column (same menu as the new Filter icon above):

Backoffice accessibility improvements, performance enhancements and keyboard short-cuts
We've done/re-engineered a whole bunch of stuff to improve performance of the datagrids and to improve accessibility of the Backoffice with regards to W3C DDA-compliance.

Most users won't be aware of or see much difference - a few subtle colour changes here and there, but the big news is that it is now largely possible to use the Backoffice entirely from a keyboard and we'll be finishing the job in the next release. There's also support for screen reader software and general improvements to the consistency of all the Backoffice pages.

As a result of these changes, all users can expect to find the system a good deal zippier. The following keyboard short-cuts may also prove useful, even if you don't have a disability:

  • . - opens the list actions (CSV download, Live-link, Filter overview)
  • f - opens the list filter menu (options will vary, based on your currently selected view)
  • v - opens the list display mode options (Simple, Advanced, Map)
  • [ - toggles the sidebar
  • / - opens quick search (coming soon)

Improved audit entries for processes
Without boring you with the details, the result of another load of changes is that entries in candidate timelines/audit trails related to processes will be a lot clearer as to what has happened and why.

This includes indicating exactly which queries have been matched in the different process steps and what actions happened for the candidate as a result. Where no action is taken, but a warning message is configured, this will also be visible in the audit trail. Previously these messages were only visible at the point the process was manually run.


That's all for the key things we think you should be aware of, but if you really want some nitty gritty - feel free to read on...


Main navigation now switches to mobile mode to prevent overlap on narrower screens
The main navigation will disappear behind an icon once the screen is narrow enough to cause the user and client name to start to overlap the navigation. Click the icon to open the menu and navigate to other pages - it's all keyboard friendly too, so you can use your Tab key to navigate through the menu options.


"Processing..." messages
Provided you're using a modern browser, the message displayed whilst the data is loading has an updated look, which includes a moving graphic, so everyone will now have something marginally more interesting to look at whilst data is loading. As mentioned above, the performance enhancements also mean that data will load quicker as well.


The same graphic is also now used in the left menu as data is loading.

Agencies and Agents list pages updated
These pages were still using an older way of doing things. They are now consistent with other list pages, so for example, you can now use a right mouse click anywhere to perform an action on a particular agent or agency.


The icon to indicate whether an agent has set a password yet or not is also now clearer (locked v. unlocked padlock) and a bug has been fixed so the agent audit icon is now visible.

An issue where the list of agencies or agents would not update when a different status was selected until refresh was clicked has also been addressed as part of this.

All candidate data may now be stored in the database
At the moment, we store candidate data as XML fragments in a file structure and need to configure which fields will also be available in the database, e.g. for use in Views, merging into comms or for reporting. This change means that, in the future, all data can be reportable from the get-go. It also allows us to support enhanced security requirements, including encryption of data at rest.

Both data storage methods will work side by side, with data gradually being transferred to the database as saves occur.

Info for partners: We'll enable this as standard for all new clients, but there's a new one-way use only function in System Builder to turn this on for existing clients. This is not exposed to partners yet, so we'll discuss this change with you as and when we look to move any existing clients over to the new data storage option.

Correction of background icons on some settings page tiles
Some of the settings tiles had incorrect icons. This has been corrected.

Various security enhancements
The release includes a number of security enhancements, including secure cookies, enforcement of HTTPS, encrypted viewstates, session rotation on both login and mimic, session security on file downloads and guids used instead of sequential IDs in some areas. Yes - it's all stuff us normal folk don't understand, but you can rest assured that our techie folk take this stuff very seriously and we're always looking to do everything we can to protect you and your data from the evils of the world...

Candidate/Agency portal

Duplicate required field indicators on Update details and Registration
An issue has been fixed related to the required field indicator (an asterisk) sometimes appearing twice when it should only appear once; or not appearing at all, when it should be for certain fields.

Mobile-friendly theme now available for internal candidate portal
The internal candidate portal may now use our latest mobile-friendly theme developed for the external candidate portal and may also include different navigation from the external candidate portal as required.

Redirect added for VacancyDetails.aspx
Some sites still have a reference for some very old page URLs for specific vacancies. These will now redirect people to your default page (e.g. the Vacancy search page), rather than displaying an error.


Improvements to handling
To make sure you have the best experience and as part of our continuous upgrade process to Marketplace, we have improved how Marketplace handles the transfer of data between third party assessment vendors and your ATS instance.


Upgrade to latest versions of various software tools/libraries
Good for our development team and good for you - this means we can take advantage of all the latest features, bells, whistles and security enhancements available in the platforms we use, some of which has already been included in this release.

System Builder (information for Partners only)

New live clients now added to Analytics automatically
Good news for partners and new clients as there's one less thing to forget when building a new system. New clients will now automatically be added to Analytics when they are published to live, so Analytics will just work. This used to be a manual additional configuration step for Enterprise systems and above.

Ability to export published configurations
This new feature allows us to export the configuration that has been published to Test, Staging or Live for each individual publish. This will provide a more detailed audit trail of configuration changes and allow the technical team to troubleshoot certain issues more easily or to roll-back specific unintended changes if necessary.

Accidental translations included for field controls no longer cause Translations page to error
An issue has been addressed where a translation added to a field control name would cause the entire Translations page to error.

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