Standard modules

The Enterprise template includes the following modules/configuration as standard, each of which may be disabled or the settings changed if required:

  • Internal candidate portal - enabled by default - same application form as external candidates
  • Agency module/portal - enabled by default - same application form as external candidates, except some candidate contact information is not requested (email, mobile number, telephone number, address line 1, address line 2)
  • Interview/Assessment scheduler module - used for self-scheduling - built in as standard and configurable by vacancy
  • Marketplace - includes fully integrated configuration associated with Advorto Reference for capturing references from referees supplied by candidates
  • Talent pool - Job alerts, Talent bank and Registration of interest/Speculative applications enabled by default
  • Talent pool subscriptions - keep warm and expiry enabled by default - send keep warm every 3 months, require opt-in every year, with reminder sent 7 days before expiry
  • Data retention - not enabled by default - clients need to turn this on via self-service (recommended)
  • Requisitions module - enabled by default - click here for more information on the Requisitions module configuration
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