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What is Engagement

How do I turn Engagement on

What will happen when I turn Engagement on for the first time?

What is Engagement?

This function allows you to configure a "Keep warm" email to be automatically sent on a regular basis to people in your talent pool. Specifically, this means those with talent pool-related subscriptions - people subscribed to job alerts, who have registered interest or submitted a speculative application, as well as people in your talent bank.

When enabled, a "Keep warm" email is sent automatically periodically as per the setting you choose when you turn Engagement on. The content of the email is fully manageable by Super users via self-service and you may change this as often as you like.

At the most basic level, the email sent is simply to encourage people to login and confirm that their information is up to date. However, we would encourage reviewing this email on a regular basis and suggest including additional information of interest to your talent pool, such as company updates, success stories and other news, etc. In particular, when you first turn Engagement on, you may want to introduce people to what it's all about (see more information below on this).

Turning Engagement on will help ensure that the data held in your talent pool is up to date. However, note that nothing will happen if people don't respond or take any action after receiving the email and, in particular, People will NOT be automatically unsubscribed. See Subscriptions expiry to enforce people to periodically opt-in.

How do I turn Engagement on?

This function is available in the Settings menu in the Talent Pool Subscriptions section to Super users only (Settings > Engagement).


Once you check the box to enable the feature, the following additional items will appear, which may be configured as you require:

  • Keep warm email template subject and body - amend the text as you require, but take care to keep the link as it is. Use the merge fields menu if you require any additional merge fields.
  • Keep warm email frequency - set how often you want the keep warm email to be sent (from every 15 days to once a year)

Once you've got everything how you want it, click the button to save your Engagement configuration.

Finally, double check everything again and click the "Commit" button in the warning bar towards the top of the screen to commit your changes.

What will happen when I turn Engagement on for the first time?

When Engagement is first enabled, this will result in the following impact:

The keep warm email will be sent to all relevant candidates in your talent pool the next day, based on how long they have been in the talent pool and when they were last active.

e.g. If someone registered for job alerts 5 months ago and you set your keep warm period to be 6 months, they wouldn't be emailed until their subscription was 6 months old. However, if you set your keep warm period to be 3 months or shorter, they would be emailed the following day.

The guidance will indicate how many people will be emailed the next day, based on the setting you choose.

As receiving this email will be a new experience for any existing candidates in your talent pool, we suggest that you may want to configure the content of your keep warm email differently initially appropriately to inform people as you require.

Also, it goes without saying that, as many emails may be sent when you first enable this feature, you should ensure that the content of the email is correct before committing the configuration change to turn this feature on.

We would also recommend turning on Subscriptions expiry, either at the same time or at some point after enabling Engagement to further help ensure that the data in your talent pool is as good as it can be.

Note for clients with large numbers of people in their talent pool

If your system falls into this category, this may initially result in a much higher volume of emails being sent than normal. In particular, this applies the day after this feature is first turned on.

The result of this increased email traffic is that it may mean that it may take a little longer than usual for some other emails to be sent as well.

However, as people login to their accounts periodically, either as a result of receiving the keep warm emails or otherwise, the number of emails sent on any one day will quickly return to normal levels.

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