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These releases include some minor fixes, enhancements and changes following feedback from partners and clients in relation to recent releases. For clients who have not yet had the 4.5.33 update, this update will automatically be included at the same time you receive the 4.5.33 release.

Key items of interest in these releases are detailed below.


Automatically select "All folders" when doing a candidate search
Previously, when performing searches from the quick candidate search boxes on the Search or Candidates dashboard home pages, the system would maintain the folder you last had selected. This has now been updated to select "All folders" as standard, which is expected to make it easier for clients to find the candidates they are searching for.

Note that Archived or Pipelined candidates would still not be displayed by default, so if you still can't find the candidate you are looking for, just select the "All" option in the main navigation to include candidates in these categories and also check your currently selected preference if required.

Automatically select "All folders" when clicking through from a Vacancy tile
Previously, when clicking the large "Submitted candidates" number on a vacancy tile, the system would maintain the folder you last had selected. This link will now always select "All folders" as standard, which when working on active vacancies, in most cases means you will always immediately see the number of candidates indicated (e.g. 11 in the example below).

However, note that Archived or Pipelined candidates would still not be displayed by default, so if there is a discrepancy in the number of candidates you see, just select one of these areas or the "All" option in the main navigation to see inactive candidates.

Resolved some issues with creating personal email templates
This includes the ability to now use existing global identities on personal templates.

Improvements to subscriptions expiry
A number of improvements have been made to address issues associated with people turning this on for the first time for existing clients who have old candidates in their system. This includes ensuring that the expiry warning email will always be sent before the expired email and that existing candidates are given the full notice period to opt-in to subscriptions again if they want to.

Candidate portal

Links direct to the application form for vacancies/systems with inline registration now supported
Where required, partners and clients may now create links which jump candidates directly to the application form for a particular vacancy, bypassing the Vacancy details page.

This is expected to be of particular interest to clients who have implemented vacancy feeds or who post to job boards, where the vacancy details are already displayed on their own site or on the job board.

Simply add &Jump=Apply to the end of a relevant existing URL.

e.g. For a vacancy with the ID 12345, any of the following would work:

  • https://Your_Advorto_Careers_Site_Url/?VId=12345&Jump=Apply
  • https://Your_Advorto_Careers_Site_Url/Default.aspx?VId=12345&Jump=Apply
  • https://Your_Advorto_Careers_Site_Url/VacancyInformation.aspx?VId=12345&Jump=Apply

System Builder (information for Partners)

Use of the &Jump=Apply function in XML vacancy feeds
In order to use this feature in a vacancy feed, you will need to encode the "&" to ensure that the XML is valid. Simply replace the & with & instead.

e.g. Within the Advorto configuration toolkit, you need to select Vacancy Id as the field and enter the following in the Format field, to generate the URL in your vacancy feed as it needs to be:


  • {!System.FrontEndUrl} - this is a merge field which will merge in the correct carreers site URL for Test, Staging and Live versions of the relevant client
  • {0} - this is the merge field which will merge in the Vacancy Id
  • &Jump=Apply - encoded version of &Jump=Apply

Removed max image size restriction in the Asset Manager
Previously, if images were added to the site assets register which were over 1000 pixels wide, these were being automatically compressed, resulting in an unsatisfactory quality of graphics on the published site. This restriction has therefore been removed.


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