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What is Subscriptions expiry?

How do I turn Expiry on?

What will happen when I turn Expiry on for the first time?

What is Subscriptions expiry?

This function allows you to configure an expiry date for people in your talent pools. Specifically, this means those with talent pool-related subscriptions, i.e. people subscribed to job alerts, who have registered interest or submitted a speculative application, as well as people in your talent bank.

Setting an expiry date is recommended as this will mean that candidates who are not engaged or currently interested in working for you will no longer be returned in searches of your talent pool. The result of which will be more useful, up to date and accurate data in your recruitment system.

The key difference between the Subscriptions expiry function and the Engagement function is simply that candidates are required to respond in order to remain in your talent pool. Note that this does not mean deleting the candidates - people will remain in your system, unless you also enable a Data retention policy.

When someone's subscription expires, it means the following:

  • They will no longer receive job alerts emails
  • They will no longer receive keep warm emails
  • They will considered as having opted out of the Talent bank from the candidate side (if talent banked person)
  • They will no longer be considered as having an "Active" Registration of interest or Speculative profile
  • They will not be returned in a talent pool search

Subscriptions expiry involves two automated emails, the content of which may be set when this feature is turned on by client Super users:

  1. An expiry warning email
  2. A subscriptions expired notification email

In addition to the above, super users may set:

  • How often people will be required to opt in, e.g. once a year
  • How soon before expiry the expiry warning email will be sent, e.g. 7 days before expiry

What happens if someone lets their subscriptions expire, but didn't mean to?

This is no problem - the persons account will still exist. They simply need to login again at any time to reactivate any subscriptions they want.

However, if a data retention policy is also enabled and someone has both had no active applications and has not been subscribed to anything for longer than your data retention period, then the person's account will be deleted and they would then simply need to re-register with you. This will only happen once someone has not been engaged in any way with you for a long time, so is not something to be concerned about.

How do I turn Subscriptions expiry on?

This function is available in the Settings menu in the Talent Pool Subscriptions section to Super users only (Settings > Subscriptions expiry/Unsubscribe - the two things are related).


Once you check the box to enable the feature, the following additional items will appear, which may be configured as you require:

  • Subscriptions expiry reminder email template subject and body - amend the text as you require, but take care to keep the link as it is. Use the merge fields menu if you require any additional merge fields.
  • Unsubscribed email template subject and body - amend the text on the Unsubscribe page as you require (this is not visible until you enable expiry)
  • Opt in frequency - set how often you want to require candidates to opt in (from every 15 days to every 2 years)
  • Send expiry reminders from - set how long before expiry you want the expiry reminder email to be sent from (from 7 days before to 1 month before)

Once you've got everything how you want it, click the button to save your Engagement configuration.

Finally, double check everything again and click the "Commit" button in the warning bar towards the top of the screen to commit your changes.

What will happen when I turn Expiry on for the first time?

When Expiry is first enabled, this will result in the following impact:

The expiry reminder email will be sent to all people who are either due to expire, or would have already expired (see below) in your talent pool for the first time the next day.

For people who would have already expired, their expiry date will be set to allow the full expiry reminder period to lapse before actually expiring.

Already expired?

The key considerations here for existing clients who are turning expiry on for the first time and who have also not set up a data retention policy are as follows:

  • Many people in your system may not have logged in for a long time and you may have a lot of old data. Where a person has not logged in for longer than your required opt-in period, they would be considered in the already expired category. However, we still want to give the usual expiry warning period to these people, hence why their expiry date will be set the first time the warning email is sent to allow this to happen.
  • Some people who will be emailed may not be aware that they are still in your recruitment database, particularly if they registered with you a long time ago. Getting a subscriptions expiry warning email out of the blue may therefore be unexpected.

As a result of the above, we suggest that you may want to initially configure the content of your expiry reminder email differently to address the above. Then update the email again in the future as appropriate, once existing people in your system have either confirmed their subscriptions or allowed them to expire.

We would also suggest considering setting up a Data retention policy as well, as this will also ensure that you're not holding data for longer than you should be and won't get a build up of stagnant, out-of-date information.

Finally, it goes without saying that, as many emails may be sent when you first enable this feature, you should ensure that the content of the expiry reminder and Unsubscribed emails are correct before committing the configuration change to turn this feature on.

Note for clients with large numbers of people in their talent pool

If your system falls into this category, this may initially result in a much higher volume of emails being sent than normal. In particular, this applies the day after this feature is first turned on.

The result of this increased email traffic is that it may mean that it may take a little longer than usual for some other emails to be sent as well.

However, as people login to their accounts or allow their subscriptions to expire, either as a result of receiving the expiry reminder emails or otherwise, the number of emails sent on any one day will quickly return to normal levels.

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