Requisition workflow and requisition/vacancy form

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Requisition workflow


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Hiring Manager creates requisition

Select template or start with a blank form


Vacancy advert details


Job advert text and optional job description document


Question banks for eligibility and other question types


Next steps


Choose approver

N.B. Approvers list is filtered by valid Approvers for the Department selected on the requisition


Requisition submitted


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Approver approves requisition

Read-only view of requisition submitted by Manager


Optional approval comments and Approve/Reject actions


Reject requisition


Approve requisition



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Recruiter publishes requisition

Read-only view of information submitted so far


New fields and editable content prior to publishing


Amend/Adjust application form questions if required


Screening/Workflow configuration and next steps


Reject requisition


Convert to vacancy



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Full list of default Requisition/Vacancy form fields

  • Vacancy title - Single line text field
  • Vacancy status - Drop-down list field (Active - Advert open, Active - Advert closed, Filled, Cancelled, Template)
  • Vacancy open date - Date select field
  • Vacancy close date - Date select field
  • Publish to - Check box list field (Company Facebook page, External careers website, Internal careers website, Vacancies feed)
  • Hiring Manager - Drop-down list field
  • Recruiter - Drop-down list field
  • Salary - Single line text field
  • Business classification (e.g. Department) - Drop-down list field
  • Location - Drop-down list field (geo-coded locations)
  • Contract type - Drop-down list field (Permanent, Temporary)
  • Web advert text - Multi-line rich text field
  • Eligibility questions - Check box list field (client-managed question bank options)
  • Additional Yes/No questions - Check box list field (client-managed question bank options)
  • Additional Yes/No + details questions - Check box list field (client-managed question bank options)
  • Additional text response questions - Check box list field (client-managed question bank options)
  • Screening type - Drop-down list field (Simple screening, Structured screening)
  • Application form type - Drop-down list field (Short one-shot form, Multi-page form (no CV))
  • Do you want to disable any automated communications? - Check box list field (Manager screening rejection email)
  • Do you want to enable self-scheduling? - Radio button field (Yes, No)
  • Approver comments - Multi-line plain text field (Requisition form only)

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Configuration options

Advorto/Partner managed

  • Name of key business classification field (default is "Department")
  • New fields on the requisition/vacancy form (text or list fields)
  • Manage which fields are viewable/editable at which stages
  • Manage which fields are mandatory/non-mandatory
  • Manage field validation rules, e.g. enforce salary to be numbers only
  • Manage requisition workflow, including editing/adding/removing stages, actions and emails
  • Manage user role names, including adding additional roles
  • Manage vacancy statuses
  • Enable/Disable requisition templates
  • Social media sharing options/links
  • All static text on all pages
  • Branding/Colours and client logo used in the User portal

Self-service managed

  • Question bank lists, i.e. Elibibility questions, Yes/No questions, Yes/No + Details questions and Text response questions
  • Options in other list fields on the requisition form, e.g. Locations, Departments, Contract types
  • Requisition workflow email content
  • Assigning users to roles and other user classification, e.g. by Department
  • Requisition templates

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