Automated or scheduled processes - Everything you need to know

This article details the basics of what these are, how they can be used and also links through to further information for Partners on how to configure these.

What processes can be automated?

Any process can be automated, provided their is a basis upon which to trigger which candidates the process should run on. Most commonly this would be based on a date field, but there may be other scenarios - we'll leave it to your imagination!

Example fields used to drive automated processes and what these processes could be used for include:

  • The date of the last folder move (longer than x days ago)
    This could be used to trigger reminders/chasers to candidates or users to do something, such as complete online tests, book an interview slot for candidates; or complete the screening or interview feedback form for users, based on them having been at a particular status folder for longer than a specified amount of time. It could also be used to send recruitment process/experience feedback surveys out automatically a period of time after a candidate was rejected or hired.

  • The date of an interview
    This could be used to trigger reminders to candidates or users about a forthcoming interview

  • Please add more ideas in the comments and we may build some of these into systems as standard.

When does an automated process run?

Automated processes run at 8.00 am every morning (GMT). Each process runs in turn sequentially, so depending on how many automated processes and candidates are at the relevant statuses, it may take a short while for all automated processes to complete.

Who does an automated process run on?

Automated processes would generally be configured to run on all candidates in a specified status folder; or specified folders. Check your Processes Basic Configuration report to see which folders each process is configured to be available for (Reports > Custom Reports > ConfigReport - Processes Basic).

The process will perform various actions on candidates, dependent on the queries used in the processes (see your Processes Detail Configuration report for more detail on process steps and queries used). e.g. If the query "In folder longer than 2 days" is used, then the specified action will only be taken on candidates who have been in the folder for longer than 2 days. No action would be taken on candidates who had been in the folder for less time than this.

How do I automate an existing process or create a new one?

This currently requires an authorised user with access to the Advorto configuration toolkit, e.g. the Advorto Support team or an authorised Partner.

Click here for more information on configuring automated processes (available to Partners only)


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