Everything you need to know about the "Next steps" function and "redirects"

What is "Next steps"

Next steps is your one-stop shop for what to do next with a candidate. It's an icon that either already is; or can be made available on pages with lists of candidates which, when clicked, just shows you what you need to do next.


What is a redirect?

A redirect is where one web page sends you immediately to a different web page.

Where are redirects used?

In the Advorto system, this is most commonly used on the "Next steps" page, which is opened when you click the "Next steps" icon or link for a candidate.

This "Next steps" page is usually configured to immediately take a user to a number of different other pages, dependent upon which stage of the workflow a candidate is at.

e.g. If a candidate is awaiting screening, a user will be redirected to the relevant screening feedback form; or if they are awaiting an interview to be scheduled, it would be the relevant interview scheduling page.

I see a message that I don't have "Next steps" configured - what do I do?

Depending on which version of the Advorto product you have purchased and whether your initial build included paid consultancy to fully configure additional workflow stages for you, this may mean one of two things:

  1. A configuration error - raise a Support ticket to request that this is addressed
  2. Your system build included no additional consultancy for customisation, but additional or non-standard candidate workflow stages have been added at some point

With regards to the second reason, this is likely to require you to progress candidates manually at any applicable stages where all the bells and whistles of a fully customised Advorto workflow have not been configured. However, clients may obviously raise a change request to implement more sophisticated configuration and a consultant will contact you to discuss your requirements and advise you of any costs.

Making changes to "Next steps"

The following information is for users with access to the Advorto configuration toolkit, e.g. authorised Partners.

In the Advorto configuration tools, the Next steps page may be found in the Screening section (Custom pages > Screening). The "Next steps" redirect actions are usually grouped together in the following categories (N.B. This may not be the case in systems built from legacy templates, but the same principal applies):

  • Unsubmitted candidates or Awaiting CV
  • Regrets/Fails/Withdrawals/Declines/No shows
  • Screening in progress
  • Telephone interview/Interview/Assessment day scheduling
  • Telephone interview/Interview/Assessment day outcomes
  • Offers
  • Vetting
  • Hires

In most of these sections, there are a series of "Redirect controls", which are configured to send the user to a different page, based on the name of the status folder a candidate is currently in.

A redirect has the following configuration parameters:

  • Field - In this case, the field "Candidate.Folder.FolderName" should be selected in almost all cases (search for "Folder" in the Field search box if adding a new one)
  • Value - This is the actual name of the term you want to match to trigger the redirect, e.g. the actual name of the status folder
  • Search method - Select Exact if the exact full folder name is used in the Value field (case-sensitive); or select Wildcards if you are using a partial match (see further information below). The third option is Regular expressions, which is for advanced use only and should not be required on this page.
  • Action - Either Redirect (default - i.e. redirect to a different page when the value is matched) or Stay (i.e. do nothing - stay on the current page)
  • Target - The page you want the user to be redirected to (may require new pages to be added if they don't already exist). e.g. Select Screening if you want to redirect to the Screening form.

In the example below, the redirect is configured to redirect to the Screening form if the status folder name exactly matches "New candidates":

How do I use wildcards?

Wildcards allow you to match partial folder names, so you can pick off several folders at once with a single redirect - e.g. have all regret-related folders redirect to the Candidate status page (default configuration). Use the asterisk character (*) as the wildcard.

Use the wildcard character as follows:

  • *Regret will match any folders ending in the word "Regret"
  • Vetting* will match any folders starting with the word "Vetting"
  • *Withdrawn* will match any folders with the word "Withdrawn" anywhere in the folder name

Note that the wildcard matching is still case-sensitive, so ensure terms entered match the case used in the wording of the folder names.

Adding/Changing workflow status folders

If adding new status folders or changing their names, ensure a consistent naming convention and use of case is used to assist in the configuration of the "Next steps" function and other features. We recommend the format "Stage Group Name - Sub-category Name"; or just "Stage Group Name" for a top-level status folder.

e.g. If adding workflow stages for online tests, you might use the following:

  • Online tests (top level stage group name)
    • Online tests - Withdrawn/No response
    • Online tests - Failed
    • Online tests - Passed

Checking your changes

If you make any changes to folder names or the Next steps configuration, don't forget to check your changes on the Test or Staging platforms, prior to deploying to a live client.

Simply move a candidate to the relevant folder and click the "Next steps" icon to confirm that the behaviour is as expected.

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