How do I update the branding used in email templates?

This is currently configured by the Advorto Support team or authorised Advorto partners. Please log a change request ticket via the normal route.

Information for Advorto Partners

This is managed in System Builder in the "Branding for Email templates" configuration area on the Backoffice page. This article relates to updating the standard default html template branding, but similar principles will apply if a client has implemented a different custom email template brand.

The email template branding includes all the relevant styles as well as any standard content which should appear before or after the main body of the email (as configured by clients when editing email templates).

It is possible to add an entirely custom email template brand if required, but it's likely to be simplest to just update the relevant areas of the standard Advorto email template brand in most cases.

Key areas which may need to be updated in the standard template for a new client include:

  • Links to social media sites (update to be the relevant links for the client)
  • Removal of images/links to social media sites (if a client does not have a presence on a particular site)
  • Addition of other social media site images/links
  • Update of the border colour used
  • Update the disclaimer text

See below for more information on updating these areas.

Update social media links/images

On the System Builder Backoffice homepage, do a search for the relevant social media site, e.g. "Facebook". You will see a line in the html that looks like the below (example shown for Facebook):

<td width="35" style="padding-left: 0;font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;margin: 0;padding-bottom: 0;"><a href="#" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;color: #ff6600;"><img src="{!System.FrontEndUrl}assets/Emails/facebook-icon.jpg" alt="follow us on facebook" style="outline: none;text-decoration: none;-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;border: none;height: auto;max-width: 100%;line-height: 100%;display: block;"></a></td>

The areas of interest are highlighted in red.

  • Replace the # above with the client's Facebook page URL to add the required link to their actual Facebook page
  • Add an additional social media icon and link by copying the entire section shown above and paste it before/after one of the other existing social media icon sections. Then update the link (#), Icon file name (facebook-icon.jpg above) and the name of the site in the alt text ("facebook" in the above). Then upload an appropriately sized social media icon to Design > Assets > Emails with the file name you used.
  • Delete a social media icon and link by deleting the relevant entire section. e.g. Deleting the exact section shown above would remove the Facebook icon/link.

Changing the border colour

To change the border colour, do a search for "#fecfb0" (or whichever colour the border currently is) and update this to be the hex value for the new border colour you require.

There are three instances of this colour, so you should have to replace the existing colour in three places.

For more information on Hex colour codes, see

Update the disclaimer text

Simply search for the existing text and update as required.



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