4.5.33 - Advorto release notes - Roll-out from mid-February 2017

As well as the usual few minor fixes and improvements, our February release includes some legendary enhancements and new features that you'll really love, which will save you time and help ensure that your talent pool is always up to date. Highlights include:

Read on to experience the full ride and see some screenshots...


Fully automated processes, e.g. for sending chasers, reminders, etc.
This new feature allows any Candidate process to be configured as an entirely automatic process, rather than a user needing to select all candidates in particular folders once every couple of days to do the same thing, as is currently the case. Following this release, no manual intervention at all will be required. 

Automated processes are particularly useful to run chaser and reminder processes entirely automatically, e.g. to remind Managers that they need to screen their candidates; or to remind candidates to complete online tests, to book an interview slot, or that they have an interview tomorrow, etc. 

Automated processes will run once a day on all candidates who are in the folders selected as valid folders for each individual process, starting at 08:00 GMT. For each client, each automated process will run in turn sequentially until all processes configured to be automated have completed. 

Your Account Manager will be in touch to discuss whether you would like to switch any of your processes to be fully automated.

New self-service talent pool subscriptions management features
This release introduces some new self-service functionality, available to client super users only in the settings menu under a new "Talent pool subscriptions" section. This is related to the management of candidate subscription in the relevant talent pool areas - job alerts, speculative applications/registration of interest and talent bank.

The new functionality will better help clients ensure that the data held for candidates is as useful and current as possible, whilst also improving compliance with relevant legislation related to candidates opting in/out of emails.


The new self-service functionality includes the following:

  • Job alerts
    Manage your own text for your job alerts email template.

  • Engagement
    This function allows you to configure a "Keep warm" email to be sent on a regular basis to people with talent pool-related subscriptions.

    This will help ensure that your talent pool is up to date, with relevant people returned in searches. N.B. People will NOT be automatically unsubscribed if they do not respond.

    If Engagement is enabled (recommended), set how often you want the new "Keep warm" email to be sent to subscribed candidates, e.g. every 15 days or once a month, etc.

  • Subscriptions expiry
    Follow best practice on email opt-in regulation and stop people who aren't interested from being returned in talent pool searches.

    If enabled (recommended), this feature will automatically expire subscriptions and send subscription expiry reminder emails, based on your settings and allow you to configure an email template for this purpose.

    N.B. If someone does nothing after receiving this email, this would be considered as an indication that they are no longer interested in careers at your company and their subscriptions WILL expire automatically on the expiry date. i.e. They will no longer receive job alerts or be found in talent pool searches until they login again and re-confirm their subscription(s).

    If Subscriptions expiry is enabled, set how often you want candidates to be required to opt-in again, e.g. every 1 month, 6 months, once a year, etc. In addition, you can set the point at which you want the Subscriptions expiry reminder to start being sent, e.g. 7 days, 15 days or 1 month before expiring.

  • Unsubscribe
    This function allows you to configure the email that will be sent when people do not respond to the reminder email and allow their subscriptions to expire. 

Updates and improvements to Talent pool - Talent bank functionality
We have also changed the way that the talent bank functionality works, such that candidates are no longer required to opt-in before clients are able to find talent banked candidates in a Talent pool search. 

A candidate may still opt-out of the talent bank after they have been added to make themselves no longer searchable if they wish, but will be considered active unless they explicitly do this. 

The updated Talent pool search introduced at the end of last year will only return active candidates as before, where Talent bank is selected as one of the talent pools to search against. A candidate will no longer be returned and shown to be in the talent bank if they have either explicitly opted-out or if they have allowed their subscription(s) to expire.

Updates and enhancement to data retention rules and management
This release also includes updates to the data retention functionality and ties the new subscriptions functionality into this. 

Currently, when a candidate has had all their applications deleted by the data retention rule you've configured, their account and certain other data, such as their job alerts preferences and their speculative or talent bank profile remains. People are therefore currently never actually truly fully deleted. 

With the new subscriptions mechanism in place, the data retention has been updated to also check the current opt-in status for candidates as well. This means that once a candidate who has no applications allows their subscription(s) to expire and hasn't logged in at all for a period longer than your configured data retention period, then all remaining data and the entire candidate's account will be fully deleted. 

This will all help to ensure that the information you do have in your database is good data and related to people who are actually still interested in careers at your company and you have valid contact information for them.

Commas now supported in simple/keyword(s) searches
Resolved an issue related to including commas in a keywords or simple search box, which previously caused an error.

Improved filtering options for Talent pools column and use as first column in a Person page View
The talent pools column may now be set as the first column in a View and the filter options have been improved to no longer include combinations of multiple selections as separate filter options.

Use of custom system merge fields in email template names
Where System merge fields are used in email template names in some template-based systems, the email templates were displaying twice in the self-service Email management list. This has been updated, so email templates will only be listed once in the editable section as expected.

In addition, where "System merge fields" are used in email templates, this will now be clearly indicated when editing templates, along with the text that will be used to replace these merge fields. Note that these "System merge fields" are different to standard merge fields and are related to your deployed configuration, rather than vacancy or candidate data, etc.


Unexpected system behaviour for some clients using IE10 with specific enhanced security settings
This release addresses some issues for some clients using Internet Explorer 10, where corporate IE settings included some specific non-standard security settings.

New System usage page
A new page has been introduced within the Settings > Your system section indicating some key metrics about your system usage.


Candidate portal

New consolidated subscriptions management section
The candidate portal includes a number of different subscription-related functions - Job alerts, Speculative applications/Registration of interest and Talent bank (for candidates who are invited). These functions have now all been consolidated into one new "Subscriptions" area. Candidates may turn on/off and manage their preferences and information related to these subscriptions all from one place. 

In addition, the subscriptions area of the system is where candidates will be encouraged to visit via links in relevant emails to ensure their data is up to date or to confirm their opt-in status on a periodic basis. This is in relation to the new automated keep warm and opt-in expiry mechanism and emails, which is also in this release.


System Builder (information for Partners)

Setting up the new self-service opt-in functionality and associated emails
Some configuration is required in System Builder to enable the above functionality: 

  1. Suitable templates must be configured in the Email templates section of System Builder (Backoffice > Structures > Email Templates) - as required for Job alerts (everyone will need this), Keep warm, Opt-in prompt and Unsubscribe confirmation. These templates need to be set to be type "To person or submitting agent (Person list page only)". Suggest either adding a blank template, which a client can later update via self-service; or a suitable generic template for the described purpose. 
  2. New section within Modules > Candidate called "Subscriptions" - In this section, select the relevant template for each of the 4 template options (Talent pool expiry warning template, Talent pool expiry template, Talent pool keep warm template, Job alerts template). 
  3. For non-multi-language systems, the rest of the standard content on this page should be suitable, but may be amended if required.

    IMPORTANT NOTE for multi-language systems:
    For clients who have implemented multi-lingual candidate portals, all the content on the new System Builder Subscriptions page will need to be enabled for translation and appropriate translations will need adding for all the text.

Custom System Builder merge fields now supported in self-service email templates
This change allows custom System Builder merge fields, which are commonly used in template-based systems, to work in email templates. This is most useful where key recruitment stages are driven from these merge fields, e.g. AssessmentStage1 may be "Telephone interview" for one client, but "Skype interview" for a different client. Email subjects and body text may be configured to merge in the relevant text, allowing all emails and other associated configuration, such as folder names, interview series, etc. related to that particular stage to be updated from a single merge field in System Builder (accessed via the Publish page).

Custom "System" avatar in timelines for white labelled partner systems
The avatar image for "System" actions in timelines may now be changed on white labelled Partner systems to be a different image, rather than using the standard Advorto "A" logo avatar.



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